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Splinter Cell Blacklist video shows the different play-styles: Ghost, Assault and, er, Panther

Ubisoft's latest run-of-the-mill Splinter Cell video - in that it shows old Sam Fisher...running around a mill - flaunts the three different ways you'll be able to tackle the game's missions. As game director Patrick Redding explains in the video, you can stealthily Ghost them, un-stealthily Assault them head on, or...hang on, what exactly does the 'Panther' play-style entail? Turns out it's a more murdery version of Ghost, for when you want to hide in the shadows but kill terrorists in the process. It's the Goldilocks of play-styles, in other words.

The footage also shows off Sam's fancy new Trirotor device, a portable surveillance copter that can spy on enemies in his place, distract them, self-detonate and even KO bad guys via massive electric shocks, if you happen to be going for the non-lethal approach. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is due out August 23rd, so Ubisoft only have 3,067 videos left to show us before then.

[VAMS id="M9KrUyb48QEV3"]