Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod open beta test this weekend

Did you watch the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod videos showing a thousand players piling into Panau island, surfing planes into the sea, crashing helicopters into buildings and making a huge awesome mess? Well, you might want to give that a watch and then contemplate what it'd be to be one of those rioting testers, and then rejoice, for a big public beta is going live in one day, 20 hours and 20 minutes.

The public beta was announced on Reddit , and points testers towards the JC2-MP site which should host the client closer to the start of the test. The beta will last two days and start at 8am GMT / 10am CET / 1am PDT / 4am EDT on Saturday. You'll need a copy of Just Cause 2 to run it, of course. Watch this trailer for a taste of what's to come.