Atlas Reactor hits Steam Early Access, free weekend begins tonight

Trion's online team-based tactical combat game Atlas Reactor recently switched from free-to-play to a “premium digital” release—that is, you pay, then you play—and accordingly, it's now available for purchase on Steam Early Access. For those who'd prefer to give it a rip before forking over any cash, a free weekend will kick off at 8 pm EDT tonight and run until the wee hours of Monday morning. 

The initial release of Atlas Reactor includes 16 Freelancers (those being the in-game characters), three maps, and three modes of play, with more of each to be added during the Early Access phase. “We’ve been polishing the core gameplay of Atlas Reactor for a long time now, and even in the early stage, very high-level, competitive PvP has developed in our Versus mode,” Trion said. “We’ve also introduced a Seasons system where players can experience a bit of the lore of the world in addition to earning additional character customization items, like Skins, Styles, and Taunts, just for playing the game and completing objectives.”    

The free weekend will include all available Freelancers, and will also see the debut of the new Custom Game Spectator Mode, through which viewers can enter an active custom game and watch the action from above, or from any player's perspective. The full game is available for purchase in three editions, beginning at $20/£15. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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