As Dusk Falls is a new game from the designer of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls

At Microsoft's Xbox Showcase today, we saw a reveal trailer for As Dusk Falls, an "interactive drama" from Interior Night, a new studio led by Caroline Marchal, formerly of Quantic Dream. Marchal acted as lead designer on Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The game follows two families "trapped in a hostage situation" in the southwestern US, and becomes "a sprawling epic about how people grow and change over decades," says the studio.

At least in the trailer, As Dusk Falls is depicted in (seemingly) digitally painted still images, with some animation. First impression: The art's a bit smooth and clean for what's apparently a dramatic story about generational violence.

There's not much more about the game online—the studio's official site hasn't been updated. 

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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