The best Apex Legends clips we've seen so far

Most of my games of Apex Legends are spent cowering in corners or slowly creeping into a combat zone, hoping to finish someone off when they're already nearly dead. Instead of being a battle royale superhero, I live vicariously through the amazing moments other players are experiencing. And for such a young game, there have already been loads.

I've assembled the best I've seen so far below: Trick plays, amazing shots, and tragicomedies on the Apex Legends stage.

Boom, headshot

What. A. Shot.

The flying dropkick

Now that's what you call a dropkick. Thanks to Highlight Reel for spotting this one.

Don't do finishers at the end of a match...

This crazy finish is hosted on Reddit and thus not embeddable, but it's worth a click-through and watch. Careful about those finishers.

Shroud shreds

Esports player turned streamer Shroud plays at an insane level. Watch him tear through a couple enemy squads by himself. Shroud shredding is really an entire genre of clips: there are tons more on Twitch of him killing entire squads at once.

What are the odds

At first everything's coming up Milhouse for this respawning player: a dropship is drifting right into the path of their naked return to the map, bursting with pristine loot. Not so fast, say the Apex Gods.

Traffic jam

When you're a little too eager to drop.

'Round and 'round

Well, that's one way to use the grapple.

Phasing to victory

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Why head for the safety of the circle in the last round, when you can heal through damage and use the trickery of Mirage and Wraith to outlast everyone else?

Dead as a doornail

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I really want to know if the developers knew this would happen, or played it cool once it was discovered post-launch.

Revive in the sky

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Our own EIC Evan Lahti discovers the strange physics of trying to revive someone on the roaming supply ship.

Punch out

Yet another piece of evidence that you shouldn't do execution finishers unless you're really sure you're safe, but with utterly perfect comedic framing.

Buy one, get one free

Don't stand too close to your teammate. You never know when someone's looking at you with a Kraber.

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