Ancient Space developers reveal September release date and new gameplay video


I was a big fan of Homeworld back in the day, so I was really excited to talk about Ancient Space when I first heard about it last month. Then Phil beat me to it . But today Paradox Interactive announced the launch date (which is surprisingly close) and revealed a new gameplay trailer, and this time it's my turn.

It's virtually impossible not to notice the visual similarities between Ancient Space and Homeworld, and the description of the game in the new "gameplay reveal" trailer sounds more than a little Homeworld-like too. The action will center around a massive home ship, the Ulysses II, that's capable of building and carrying other vessels. It will even have its own personality and voice, provided by Dwight Schultz, known to Star Trek fans as Lt. Reginald Barclay .

Interestingly, Paradox Interactive Senior Producer Joe Fricano says in the video that Ancient Space will be "a contemplative mystery," more akin to a NASA mission than Star Wars, and even had the voice actors listen to real NASA transmissions so they could get the proper tone. "Even if there are dramatic events unfolding, the characters will always keep their level, professional edge," he says. Along with Schultz, the cast includes sci-fi veterans Dina Meyer, Ron Glass, John Billingsley, Richard Gunn and Aaron Douglas.

As for the release date, it's less than three weeks away: Ancient Space launches on September 23. If preorders are your thing, you can place one now at the Paradox Plaza .

Andy Chalk

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