90% of Gearbox are busy on what is almost certainly Borderlands 3

Most of Gearbox, around 90%, are working on a new title, Randy Pitchford told the audience at a PAX panel on the weekend. According to the bossman, it’s the thing “most of you guys want us to be working on”. Borderlands 3, then. 

Though it’s not been officially announced, Borderlands 3 isn’t exactly a secret. Pitchford previously said that work would begin once Battleborn was done (and it’s definitely done). 

Better news would be that 90% of Telltale were working on a sequel to Tales from the Borderlands, absolutely the best game set in Gearbox’s over-the-top universe. Unfortunately, Telltale have no plans to continue to the misadventures of Rhys and Fiona at the moment. It’s pretty much the only series they don’t have any plans for

Oh well! We’ll have to console ourselves with Borderlands 3.

Cheers, VG247.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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