3 things that make an Outrider

Being an Outrider is an important job. Becoming humanity's last hope for survival on an Alien planet might sound straightforward, but, with the growing number of powerful enemies being altered by the Anomoly, this isn’t going to be easy. 

Enoch is incredibly dangerous, from the unpredictable wildlife to the... even more unpredictable people, it’s going to be a challenge for any Outrider to survive. Fortunately, you’ll have a few tools at your disposal. 


Each class serves an important role in surviving on Enoch. For the Outrider that wants to be in the frontlines of the battle, and take the enemies head-on, the Devastator class will serve them well. With powers like Deflect Bullets and Golem, this class will keep the Outrider and their team protected. 

While the Devastator is taking all of the aggro, the Technomancer class is set up perfectly to hang back and drop enemies with precise sniping, whilst having proximity mines, and turrets in position to terminate any enemies trying to flank. 

The Pyromancer and Trickster classes are great for those Outriders that like variety in their gunfights. Moving close to mid-range with powers that can manipulate the battlefield. From the Pyromancers Heat Wave to the Tricksters Temporal Blade, these classes will keep the enemies guessing until their final breath. 

When the full game releases on April 1st, you’ll be able to manipulate these classes further with the subclass skill trees. Adding more healing capabilities and a greater defence to your Devastator or more firepower to your Pyromancer are just some of the boosts you can expect to see with the arrival of the full game. 


The bread and butter of an altered, the abilities and powers can be the difference between a crushing defeat or decimating a battlefield. Players will have to be tactical with the powers they decide to combine, depending on their playstyle. 

Solo Tricksters will likely have a completely different set up to a Trickster in a team. Forfeiting that DPS from the Twisted Rounds ability, for a skill that disrupts, is integral for a team orientated Trickster. 

Powers will play a huge role in your time on Enoch, and if you want to become the strongest altered on the planet, you’re going to want to take your time in learning what abilities work best for you.


An Outrider is only as good as their tools, and weapons are everything in Outriders. Not only will you be using them to battle bosses and tear your way through entire armies, but they’re also a great way to make a bit of extra cash too.

One of the greatest things about the weapons in Outriders, are the mods. Are you a Devastator that loves to use the Golem skill? Well, how would you like a shotgun that extends the abilities duration each time you get a kill? The fact that the drops are randomised with an endless potential of combinations, makes picking up a new weapon that fits your exact playstyle the most satisfying feeling.

Alternatively, if you were to find a legendary weapon that isn’t really your style, but has the mods you want, you can always break it down for materials, keep the mod, and make an instrument of destruction that is tailored to your needs. 

Whether you’re hoping to pick enemies off one by one with a sniper or tear down a group with one round using an LMG, you’ll find plenty of weapons that're right for you. 

The Outriders Demo went live on February 25th and is available for download on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam.

The full game will be available April 1st. It will be ready to download on day one for Xbox using Xbox Game Pass, and available for purchase on the Epic Game Store, Stadia, GeForce, the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam.