Second Far Cry 4 DLC pack adds new missions and weapons

Only a fortnight after Far Cry 4's first post-launch DLC drop comes Hurk Deluxe, a new pack bundling five new missions and a bunch of new weapons, including a harpoon gun. While the official release proves fairly unenlightening when it comes to what the missions entail, it's safe to say they'll offer fresh opportunities to kill things, which is what the game is all about, I guess.

Never mind though, because these screenshots should provide some sense of what the missions offer. Actually, they only prove that you will indeed be killing things again. The missions, titled Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and Hurk’s Redemption, are all playable in single-player.

If DLC isn't to your tastes, Far Cry 4 boasts a pretty powerful map editor, which we've had plenty of fun with.

Far Cry 4 Dlc Hurk Deluxe 1

Far Cry 4 Dlc Hurk Deluxe 3

Far Cry 4 Dlc Hurk Deluxe 4


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