Payroll is a "short Windows 95-looking" game about working in an office

Yes, we're currently slap bang in the middle of blockbuster season, but if Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront are too exciting for you there's always Payroll, a game about working in an office. As the below video demonstrates, Payroll has a charming early '90s FPS aesthetic but instead of killing Nazis or whatever those things in Blake Stone were, you're unpacking boxes and loading up floppy discs. Cool!

That might sound snarky, but I'm genuinely keen to boot this up. Described as "a short Windows 95-looking office simulation and narrative", the developer writes that the point of Payroll is "to figure out the point of the game, so only the most diligent employee will thrive in this harsh world."

Payroll can be had for a mere $1 over on If you're keen for more strange games, our Free Games of the Week list is jam packed with them and always growing. Thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun for the heads up on this gem.


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