Killing Floor 2 dev diary promises "bullets, blades and blood"

If you hold the view that most first-person shooters aren't bloody enough, then it's lucky studios like Tripwire exist to sate your dubious urges. This new developer diary for Killing Floor 2 is not backward in coming forward about the game's status as one of the most violent out there. In fact, creative director William Munk proudly exclaims that the game's three core pillars are "bullets, blades and blood". He adds that "blood" is arguably the most important one.

Elsewhere, mention of "slow motion bits flying everywhere" only serves to reinforce the message. The IGN video above follows our thorough dissection of the sequel's new gore system (gore gets its own system, obviously), where the finer details are explained. "Every enemy ragdolls and drops dead in a way that's symmetrical to your weapon and the direction you're firing from," Evan Lahti wrote at the time.

There's still no firm release date for Killing Floor 2, but if you're eager to see it in action the video above should satisfy, or else there's this trailer showcasing the sequel's new beasts.


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