Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight winners announced

As if Double Fine didn't have enough on their plates with Broken Age: Part 2, Massive Chalice, Space Base DF9 and Hack 'N' Slash, now they've announced four new games to be worked on. Fortunately for their chances of ever having time to sleep, these latest are part of Amnesia Fortnight - the studio's two-week prototyping game-jam. Should any prove promising at the end of that fortnight, there's every chance they'll one day become full games. Though maybe after they've shipped some of the other stuff.

The four winners for this year's publicly voted competition were announced by Tim Schafer over Twitter. They are Little Pink Best Buds, Dear Leader, Steed and Mnemonic.

Here are the pitch videos for the main three AF2014 games. Be aware that, while I'm sure Steed did win legitimately, it's also possible that horse fan Chris Thursten spent the last week tirelessly creating dummy accounts.

For the fourth, backers could select one of four pitches from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. Here's what won that vote:

The game jam will start next week and, when it's over, you'll be able to play the selected prototypes by backing over at the Humble Amnesia Fortnight store .


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