Crazy cops in latest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer

need for speed hot pursuit

If the police actually drove ridiculously sleek supercars of the kind shown in the latest trailer for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, then I would probably be a policeman right now. But Hot Pursuit isn't the real world, it's set in Seacrest County. In Seacrest County they don't have 'squad cars', they have 'Interceptors'. In Seacrest County, when the tough get going, they go really, really fast. The latest, stupidly exciting Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer is embedded below, showing Seacrest County's finest in action.

The rousing music and the sight of a group of squad cars cruising down the road in formation like a four wheeled fleet of justice almost makes me want to be one of the good guys. Those evil street racers are having too much fun and they need to be stopped, preferably by ramming them off the road in a screaming shower of sparks and crushed iron. The smell of scorched rubber? That's justice in Seacrest County. The game's out on November 19th.

[via VG247 ]


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