And in other PC gaming news...

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Today in the PC Gamer offices we came over all queasy looking at the screenshots that accompanied our Surgery Simulator review. Believe it or not there's a dozen more like on we could have picked from to put up, every one as vomit inducing as the next. It's amazing how many bizarre simulators there are out there. Anyone up for a spot of Street Cleaning simulator?

More news, less internal organs, are inside.

  • Killing Floor now has Victorian steampunk characters, you can buy them or get them as a prize from the Steam Summer Camp.
  • BluesNews notes a hotfix for AMD Catalyst.
  • Microsoft considered bringing Crytek in house at one point, report MCV.
  • Eurogamer say Rockstar and Team Bondi don't get along, and probably won't work on another game together.
  • CVG report that the Halo: Combat Evolved remake might get a PC release.
  • Team Fortress fan Napalmzonde has a crack at Meet the Pyro.
  • Command & Conquer in Lego!
  • There's a special demo of Harpoon sponsored by the US Navy.
  • BluesNews talks about Rift's free character transfers.

So tell us PC Gamers, which game (apart from Surgery Simulator) has revolted you the most?