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Rayman Legends announced for PC, out in a matter of weeks

Rayman Legends has been announced for PC, just weeks before its release date of August 30th. The desktop version of the colourful, gorgeous platformer will arrive at the same time as the console ones, and if you pre-order it at the UbiShop you'll get the 91% good Rayman Origins thrown in for free.

Rayman Legends started life as a Wii U exclusive, before being re-announced for the 360 and PS3 too, an act accompanied by a sizeable delay. Thankfully that hasn't happened here, although given Ubisoft's track record with PC versions, there's still time. Legends, like its predecessor Origins, is a four-player co-op platformer, and it's shaping up to be a rather lovely one too. Peer at the following screenshots if you don't believe me.