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Rainbow Six Siege is getting eight new operators in 2017

Ubisoft confirmed earlier this month that its 5-v-5 basement crawler-come-shooter Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a second year of support. Now, thanks to the appearance of the Year Two season pass, we can start to see what's in store for the enemies of closed doors everywhere.   

The Year Two Season pass will include eight new operators divided across four seasons, eight headgear and eight uniform customizations, an R6 Carbon charm, and 600 R6 credits that can be put toward whatever sort of in-game purchases you feel like making. The pass also provides a "one-year VIP premium membership," with seven-day early access to each new Operator, a ten percent discount on purchases made through the game store, a five percent Renown boost, and access to two extra daily challenges. 

Not much has changed from the original season pass, then, but I think that's fair: The first year of Rainbow Six Siege went pretty well, after all. Purchasing the pass prior to February 7, 2017, will also get you a free Obsidian weapon skin, and if you already own the original season pass, you'll also be given another 600 R6 credits. It's available now for $30/£20 on Steam.

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