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Rainbow Six Siege will be supported with new content for another year

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As far as I'm concerned, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best competitive shooters you can play at the moment, with its focused 5v5 tactical gameplay and methodical pace. So it's good news that Ubisoft plans to support the game for a second year, according to a tweet from the official account earlier today.

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There were hints last month that a new season might be coming, but it's good to have it confirmed. The new season was announced during a lengthy stream focused on the fourth (and previously, final) DLC pack, which is due later this month. 

No word as yet on whether the second season will follow the format of the first, which included four new maps and eight new operators over the course of 2016. The season pass format will likely remain, with payers gaining early access to the new operators (and without the need to spend renown – the game's currency). Whatever the case, I'll add the details here as they come in. 

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