Paranautical Activity starts haunting Steam Early Access

I think Paranautical Activity might be the most capital-I 'Indie' release I've seen. It was successfully funded through a modest Kickstarter , approved on Steam Greenlight and, now, it's just been released on Steam Early Access . It's also a voxel-based first-person shooter roguelike set on a ghost ship: also a pretty damn Indie thing to be.

I went looking for a trailer, and, for my sins, I found one. I'm... I'm so sorry.

I think we'll stick to text from here on out, at least while your ears recover.

The game is a Binding of Isaac style randomly generated dungeon crawler, except without the top-down view of poop and fly-infested monsters. Instead, it's voxelly skulls and other paranormal dangers, which you blast away through twitch first-person shooting. Paranautical Activity is in what the developers call "an extremely functional beta form", and will be updated in the future with co-op and additional content.

If you're up to it, there's another video. This one's a more sedate examination of what the game offers, taken from the recent Kickstarter.