Borderlands 3's main story will last 30 hours 'if you beeline it'


There's going to be plenty of Borderlands 3 to sink your teeth into. At a preview event on Tuesday, our writer James played about three hours of the new looter shooter, which is a mere fraction of the full game, as it turns out. According to creative director Paul Sage, the main quest for Borderlands 3 will last for 10 times that.

"If you beeline it through, and I mean beelining it through, it might take you 30 hours to complete the main story," Sage said. 

That's actually right in line with Borderlands 2, according to How Long to Beat. The average for the main story according to several hundred players is 31 hours, but few people finished the game that quickly. Throw in side missions, experimenting with different builds and playstyles, harder difficulties on New Game+, and so on, and you're looking at a much longer game, with the average "completionist" dropping 126 hours.

Based on Borderlands 3's more-is-more mantra—a billion guns, multiple explorable planets—it seems like a safe bet that it'll have plenty to do. 

We already know Borderlands 3's characters will all have deep and flexible skill trees, which we've written about in-depth here.

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