Tyranny trailer explains combat, companions, spell creation

Tyranny, the RPG where you play as an agent for the bad guy, is out, blimey, next week, and if you have the time for a big ol' isometric RPG over the festive period, you'll be getting one with companion combo attacks and spellcrafting, as explained in a new trailer. I do love a good magic system, and the one in Tyranny seems particularly flashy and creative, giving you the ability to mix and match spell parts as you see fit. But enough talk: let's let the developers explain all that and holy hell, keep an eye out for a particularly hirsute beard.

There's a lot of Pillars of Eternity in there, which makes sense, but there seems to be a bit more dynamism to the combat, including those vaguely Blizzard-ish companion combo moves. All in all, I'm looking forward to playing version 3.0 of this sometime in 2019; those of you with the time to play Tyranny at launch can get stuck in from November 10.

Tom Sykes

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