Totally Game: Meet the father and son duo racking up kills in battle royales

Jordan Kester has a secret weapon when it comes to battle royales: his 5-year-old son Calel. The dynamic duo are in the spotlight in this week's episode of Totally Game, Future's documentary series on extraordinary gamers. Give it a watch above. 

Calel has been gaming since he was 3, starting out on Trials before graduating to more competitive games. 

 "Cal just watched me play games all the time until one day when he was two I gave him a controller to play a game called Trials, which is actually pretty hard in my opinion," says Kester. "But he just picked it up and he went pretty far. I could tell by his legs flailing around and his arms flailing around that he was really interested in it and wanted to be good—I could see the passion at an early age for sure."

It was Calel that got his dad into Fortnite, and before that he was playing Apex Legends. 

"He surprised me at a very young age when one day I was watching him practice with Apex and the way he was tracking, aiming, moving, and shooting I was like 'One of these days I got to get him on on my stream or record him doing something.'"

Calel now streams with his dad on their Twitch channel, NewbCybot, and a clip from one of these streams, where Calel won the match after his dad was taken out, went viral. They continue to stream their Fortnite matches daily.

Calel even has the smack talk down. "My dad’s good at going down," he says, "and I’m good at picking him up." Ouch.

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