The Division: Ubisoft encourages players to sign PC petition - over 50,000 do

Two games at E3 occupied the frustrating position of looking Quite Good, yet only being confirmed for consoles. But where Bungie's Destiny remains tantalisingly out of reach , Ubisoft's latest Clancyesque shooter - The Division - has been more vocal in its teasing of a possible PC future. According to DSOGaming , the game's developers - while taking part in a Machinima livestream - encouraged PC players to "sign petitions, get on the forums and post their requests."

That petition has already received over 50,000 signatures.

The big question: What are Ubisoft up to? Do they genuinely need an indication of the potential audience for the game, despite the lack of correlation between sales and internet signatures? (No.) Is this just a marketing tactic that simultaneously promotes the game while stymieing potential friction from the lack of an official announcement? (Yes.)

Or maybe we've simply reached the next phase of the often twisted relationship between the publisher and our platform. Are we going down a dom/sub route now? Do they just want to see us beg? (Probably.)

If you want to join the growing swell of voices supplicating themselves for Ubisoft's pleasure, you can sign the petition here . A strong showing of eager potential players will by no means hurt the game's chances of arriving on the PC. Just don't feel it's the only hope for securing a release. I suspect Ubi already have a pretty clear idea of their plans for the game.

Phil Savage

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