The best pro gaming to watch this weekend

Red Bull Team Brawl

For those of us not interested in ye olden sports and looking to skip the Super Bowl, there's a ton of competitive gaming to watch online this weekend. Let's start with an unusual team-based spin on Blizzard's wizard poker...

Hearthstone: Red Bull Team Brawl

2016 is truly the year of new formats for Hearthstone. Hot on the heels of Blizzard announcing Standard and Wild format will arrive this spring, Red Bull will be hosting what is probably the strangest tournament format yet. Teams of three will get 240 random cards (weighted by the rarity system) and then have 30 minutes to build three decks from their collective card pool using each card only once. If the format sounds confusing, there's this handy explanation video, or you can just watch live here starting Saturday at 12pm PST. It's a one-day event.

League of Legends: NA LCS and the LPL

League of Legends' Spring Split continues merrily on. The EU LCS is wrapping up today, but the North American LCS will be going from 12-5ish PST on both Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, you'll be able to catch the tail-end of the Chinese LPL Saturday night from 11pm-2am PST. You can also watch all the action on Riot Games' official Twitch channel right here.

StarCraft 2: 2016 WCS Winter Circuit NA and EU Qualifier Finals

The WCS Winter Circuit Qualifiers have been going since the middle of last week, and although we already saw half of the finals play out last weekend, this weekend we finish off the list. Three more pros from NA and four more from EU will move on from tomorrow's tournament, out of a field of 16 players across both regions. The action kicks off on Saturday at 9am PST with the EU Qualifiers, followed by the NA Qualifiers at 4pm PST. You can find the NA stream here and the EU stream here.

Counter-Strike: Assembly Winter 2016

Eight teams—including the Copenhagen Wolves, ENCE eSports, and more—battle over what is roughly a $16k prizepool and a whole lot of glory. The tournament actually began today at 2am PST, and while most of the games have already been played, the semis and the finals will take place late on Saturday night. The first semi will be between ENCE and the Wolves, while the second semi is between Team LDLC Blue and a currently unknown opponent—either Team LDLC White or Epiphany Bolt. The semifinals begin Saturday at 4am PST, with the finals scheduled for 12:30pm PST. You can watch it live here.

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