Telltale’s Batman to launch first episode in August

Telltale, I’m sure you’re aware, is making a narrative-led episodic Batman series. After being first teased at last year’s Game Awards, we’ve since learned it’ll focus just as much on Bruce Wayne’s story as it will that of the Caped Crusader, and that the creative leads behind Tales from the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us are crafting its first season. We now know that’s going to kick off in August. 

Exactly when in August remains unclear for now, however Telltale plan to release a world premiere trailer alongside a solid launch date next week. 

Today’s announcement does however state that a special Season Pass Disc—which appears to be exclusive to consoles—will go on sale in North America on September 13. It’ll then hit European shelves by September 16, so we're perhaps looking at a mid-late August digital release on PC. 

Although he didn’t get the chance to play, Samuel sat in on 30 minutes of episode one at E3 last month. Even as a huge Batman fan, he seemed a bit uninspired by the introduction’s Bruce Wayne-heavy segment—referring to a fundraiser scene as “low energy”—however did praise the “excellent” voice acting. I guess we’ll find out more next month.