Spelunky's first solo eggplant run completed, makes for a tense hour of platforming

Written by Angus Morrison

It is done. In a heart-stopping descent, Spelunky caster Bananasaurus Rex completed a world-first solo eggplant run. The eggplant's purpose was one of Spelunky's best-kept secrets, discovered only once hackers started digging through the HD PC release. But knowing its power and using it are two different things. One slip, one rogue bat, one angry shopkeeper and your precious cargo is purple goo.

Hurling it at the face of King Yama, the final boss, transmogrifies him into a colossal eggplant with a single point of health. Compared to the effort required, it's barely worth the bother, but for some, the allure of the aubergine was too much to resist. The first co-op eggplant run fell to Avih20 in October, with Banasaurus achieving the unthinkable just one month later.

The video is an hour and 22 minutes long, but it's an hour and 22 minutes of near misses, improbable saves, unbearable tension, and, of course, spoilers.

All hail the eggplant champion!

Thanks, RPS !


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