Saints Row 3 trailer contains luchadors, explosions and a walking apocalypse

[VAMS id="8yKs2J124sJOo"]

Only in Saints Row 3 would a man consider the name 'Killbane' not ostentatious enough and instead dub himself 'The Walking Apocalypse'. Of course when this man is a Mexican wrestler by day and a violent gang leader by night it all begins to make sense. The trailer above outlines your missions against Killbane's gang, topping it off with your character facing him in the ring to fight him for his luchador honour. There's also a lot of explosions along the way, because Saints Row is like that.

We also get a brief look at Angel de la Muerte, a rival Luchador who sides with your gang and is voiced by Hulk Hogan. You'll get to join him in the ring on the 15th of November in North America and the 18th in Europe.