Prepare for Tom Clancy’s The Division on PC

The Division 01

One of the most hotly anticipated games of the year, Tom Clancy's The Division, is finally ready to launch on PC come March 8.

In the tradition of the Tom Clancy series, this is a punchy, realistic look at covert operations with an emphasis on tactical squad-based action. Unlike previous Tom Clancy games, however, The Division is a hybrid of open-world exploration, role-playing and online multiplayer action.

New York City - beautifully and bleakly recreated here using Ubisoft’s powerful Snowdrop graphics engine - has become the victim of a viral pandemic. As large numbers of the population die, the emergency services collapse and society descends into chaos, at which point a secret sleeper cell of agents, known as The Division, is activated in an attempt to bring the situation under control. What follows for the player is a gruelling process of exploration, combat and survival.

This is combined with an online multiplayer area, known as the Dark Zone, that works seamlessly with the main narrative and a system of progression you would normally associate with fantasy role-playing games rather than contemporary shooters.

The result is unique, thrilling and potentially the most exciting thing to hit PC gaming in 2016. With the arrival of The Division on PC, Ubisoft recommends play the game with a GeForce GTX 970 for 1920x1080 gaming.

For a limited time, you can grab a free copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division on PC by purchasing a new qualifying NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU. For more details on that offer, check out NVIDIA's The Division GTX Bundle Page.

By Andy Dyer

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