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Payday 2 video steals your attention with its explanation of new features

What is Payday 2? For one thing, it's a co-op FPS about crims and their seemingly insatiable desire for money. For another, it's a follow-up to the enjoyable, if uneven, Payday. And, for a third, it's the name of a video by game director David Goldfarb explaining how they've expanded and refined this second attempt. If anything, the question it answers is more: "Why is Payday 2?"

It's not the most in-depth look. At one point Goldfarb claims that the heist sim contains "almost too much to name," before proving his point by not naming any of it. What we do learn is that this release will be more of an RPG than its predecessor, giving players the ability to customise weapons and abilities for the game's four different professions.

Stealth is also an option, giving you the chance to "attempt" to sneakily pilfer riches. Given how almost 95% of the video playing over Goldfarb's revelations show combat and shouting, it's pretty clear that going silent is just an option, and not a requirement.

For more on Payday 2, you could check out our preview . Or watch this tantalisingly brief trailer of a robbery about to kick off.

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