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Newegg's DIY sale has everything you need to build a PC

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Researching which components to buy for a new PC build can be a tricky process, but what if someone else had already done it for you? Newegg's "PC DIY Done Right" sale (opens in new tab) has cheap hardware across the board, and there are also full component combos you can buy to get everything you need for your next PC.

For example, you can save money on this combo (opens in new tab) of a Core i7-7700K, Asus Z270 motherboard, 16GB RAM, 960 Evo SSD, 700W PSU, and Phanteks case. All you have to do is slot it all together. There are also deals on individual components too, if you just need a little upgrade. Save on motherboards (opens in new tab), processors (opens in new tab), RAM (opens in new tab), and everything else you need. 

This sale lasts all the way until August 21, so check out the main sale page and make some decisions on what you need to give your gaming performance a boost. 

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