Mods will reign supreme in Stellaris, says Paradox

Stellaris may already be the grandest space adventure to grace PC, but mods will take it to infinity and beyond. That's the plan, anyway. Just weeks after Paradox announced that Hearts of Iron 4 would be its most moddable game yet, Stellaris looks set to rival it.

"Any gameplay exposed to the player in Stellaris should be moddable,” game designer Joakim Andreasson says. "So our modders can change pretty much every value, most of the game rules, and the content they see within the game."

In addition to making sure next to nothing is hard-coded, a 3D exporter tool joins the modders' arsenal.  The Clausewitz Maya Exporter makes it simple to get your custom models into the game. As it's already been released, I expect the Enterprise to be warping around my sector by launch. You can test drive the exporter here.

The second part of Stellaris' video dev diary is also out now: