Mods bring a visual overhaul to Deus Ex and new quests for Skyrim


Instead of focusing on a single mod, as usually happens in this column, I thought I'd try a roundup of the most promising mods I spotted this week. Below, you'll find a Witcher-esque notice board modded into Skyrim, a parachute ejection system for GTA 5 (inspired by Just Cause), new bounty missions for Fallout: New Vegas, a new way to build at night in Cities: Skylines, and an long-awaited visual overhaul for the original Deus Ex.

Notice Board, for Skyrim


Inspired by games like The Witcher, this Skyrim mod adds a notice board outside every major town in Skyrim. On it you'll find new radiant missions and one-shot quests to complete, including bounties, rescue missions, monster hunts, and different types of fetch quests. Via Nexus Mods.

Revision, for Deus Ex


Seven years in the making, this mod overhauls the environments and soundtrack of the original Deus Ex. It includes reworked geometry and architecture, increased visual complexity, and a brand new score. You can find out more on the mod's official site, and download it on Moddb.

Parachute Ejection, for GTA 5

This mod will bring a little Just Cause action into your GTA 5 game. While driving, you can eject from your speeding car—via parachute. You car will then explode, naturally. Also, you don't have to be content with drifting to the ground because your chute has jets. Of course it does! You can also hop onto your car's roof while it's speeding, just like Rico. Via 5Mods.

Enhanced Mouse Light, for Cities: Skylines


Trying to build at night in the new After Dark expansion can be a pain, and if you don't feel like toggling off the nighttime mode from the menu here's a nice alternative. The mod makes your mouse pointer glow like a flashlight so you can actually see what you're doing. You can even customize the color and how intense the light is. Via Steam Workshop.

Bounties 3, for Fallout: New Vegas


This is the third and apparently last of the Bounties mod series (you can find the first two here and here) for FNV. It comes packed with even more missions to track down and eliminate the dirtiest denizens of the desert. Via Nexus Mods.

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