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Mahokenshi is a strategic deck-building game inspired by Japanese mythology

Mahokenshi Heroes
(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)
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It's a good time to be a fan of deck-building games. Inspired by games like Slay the Spire, the genre has been experiencing a renaissance. Over the past several years, countless studios have emerged with promising spins on the format. 

Game Source Studio's Mahokenshi is among them, and it's both promising and incredibly exciting.

Set on the Celestial Islands, a realm loosely inspired by Japanese mythology, Mahokenshi sees you in the shoes of a powerful samurai mage tasked with fending off an evil that threatens to consume everything. At the beginning of each run, you'll join one of the islands' four houses, each with its own unique cards and abilities. 

Stand stalwart against the forces of evil as Kaito of the sturdy House of Sapphire, crush your enemies beneath your heel as Ayaka of the fierce House of Ruby, outwit and outfox your foes as Misaki of the House of Topaz, or strike devastating blows from the shadows as Sota of the secretive House of Jade.  

Mahokenshi Four Houses

(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)

Whatever house you choose, you'll have the opportunity to discover over two hundred beautifully-illustrated cards through a combination of exploration and adventure. Selecting and upgrading the right cards will be crucial to achieving victory — but your deck isn't the only thing you'll need to consider. Mahokenshi isn't solely a deck-building title, nor is it exclusively an adventure game.

It's also a turn-based strategy game, with hex-based battle maps that add a completely new angle to its gameplay. You'll not only use cards for powerful combos and magical attacks, but also reposition yourself and outmaneuver your foes.  In short, it combines deck-building and hex-grid, turn-based strategy into an experience that's shaping up to be absolutely glorious. 

Mahokenshi Animations

(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)

In addition to the hand-drawn cards, you'll see Mahokenshi's polished combat brought to life in glorious 3D, with gorgeous maps, stunning animations and painstakingly-designed character models. 

And again, this is all set in a beautiful world directly inspired by Japanese mythology—up to and including the many demons and evil spirits you'll face during your travels. So whether you're a Slay the Spire fan looking to scratch the itch for a new deck-builder, a fan of turn-based strategy games, or simply someone who appreciates Japanese lore and myth, Mahokenshi might well be perfect for you. 

Mahokenshi is set to release in 2023, and you can support the developers by wishlisting the game on Steam. You can also join the community on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook for development updates and further information.