Mafia 3 preorder bonuses revealed

The Mafia 3 trailer that came out of E3 a couple weeks ago was really impressive, setting up a tale of betrayal and bloody revenge in the racially-strained American south of the 1960s. Today's video is predictably not up to that level—it's preorder bonus reveal, after all—but still has pretty great music. 

Forking over your Mafia 3 payment in advance will get you three bonus cars—the Lassiter Leopard, the Smith Moray MX100, and the Berkley Stallion—as well as the Gator shotgun, the Camo sniper, and the Trench 1938 SMG. It's not a lot, and I certainly wouldn't encourage anyone to preorder this game or any other based solely on the extra stuff you get for doing so. But if you were going to preorder it anyway, then as the man says, “What's not to like?”  

That really is a great song, too. Here's the whole thing, if you suddenly find yourself in the mood for some Creedence. 

Mafia 3 comes out on October 7. Get more info at, or just feast your eyes on 20 minutes of Mafia 3 gameplay footage right here.

Andy Chalk

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