Lords Mobile developer IGG expands its Covid-19 battle to Canada

(Image credit: IGG)

While nothing can completely offset the ongoing global tragedy that is the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s invaluable to take some comfort in the acts of humanity being shown on every scale.

Among those doing their part to help is IGG, developer of hit strategy MMO Lords Mobile. The company has been mobilising its branches all over the world - China, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Italy, among others—in the fight against COVID-19.

Reflecting the virus’ impact on absolutely everything from the global economy to local communities, IGG has been contributing to the fight on all levels. In the US, for instance, it has sent equipment to government and regional institutions such as the City of Fremont Police Dept, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and Stanford Hospital.

(Image credit: IGG)

More recently, IGG has reached out to Canada, supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to places caring for the most vulnerable people in society. At the time of writing, The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice have all received support from IGG.

The total amount of equipment contributed by IGG to the fight against COVID-19 exceeds 2 million units worldwide, but until the pandemic is brought under control, the company is adamant that it will keep fighting and keep donating. 

It’s not like a global pandemic was required to spur IGG into action. The company’s been a charity donor for years, counting a $100,000 contribution to Make-a-Wish International among its donations.

(Image credit: IGG)

IGG owes its ability to give back to the world to the success of Lords Mobile, the globally popular MMO that recently celebrated its 4th anniversary with a huge update. The game tasks you with managing and expanding a feudal kingdom in a persistent online realm populated by millions of other players.

You can embrace the challenge of forging alliances and expanding your lands, but even if you don’t have such feudal ambitions, it’s a great place for joining up with friends while you’re self-isolating. You can join and form guilds, providing a convenient social space for hanging out with friends and family while plotting your next conquest.

All of us are affected to some extent by this outbreak, with many of us penned up at home without being able to see those closest to us. With Lords Mobile being free (and now available on Steam as well as Android and iOS), it’s a great little way to escape the hardships of the outside world alongside old friends. And you might just make some new ones along the way! 

(Image credit: IGG)