Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII graphics options revealed

Lightning Returns

The wait is almost over for the final instalment in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, with Lightning Returns releasing this week for PC. We know the system requirements already, but now Square Enix has revealed the kind of graphics options we'll be able to tinker with come December 10.

The frame rate will be capped at 60fps, with 1080p the highest resolution available. Meanwhile, windowed and full screen will be supported. According to the Lightning Returns Steam page, the following options are "intended for high-end PCs".

- Rendering resolution
- Scaling of the display area
- Shadow processing
- Texture filters
- Colour correction
- Depth of field
- Lighting
- Glare

The real question remains: is Lightning Returns worth playing? Your mileage may vary, but Sam Roberts filed ambivalent reviews for XIII and XIII-2, based on the iffy nature of the ports. Still, if you've played the first two, you're probably going to want so closure, right?

Shaun Prescott

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