Ken Levine teases sci-fi PC game

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Ken Levine's been dropping the scoops on his next project. On Twitter, he's been answering fan questions about the first game from his smaller, post-Irrational team (opens in new tab).

For instance, did you know that the new game will be sci-fi, or at least sci-fi-ish? You do now (opens in new tab). The team are also currently considering first-person (opens in new tab) for the view mode, and will be developing the game (opens in new tab) for PC. As for the genre, "I think small open worldish (but not necessarily outdoors) RPG with quest structure coming from passion system," he writes (opens in new tab).

Back at GDC, Levine referred to the game as making use of "narrative Lego"—giving a presentation (opens in new tab) on how he plans to make repeatable, systemic stories. On Twitter, Levine was asked whether Shadow of Mordor had any impact on the project. He responding by saying (opens in new tab) "mostly in that it validated that people would care about narrative replayability."

The ultimate aim, Levine says (opens in new tab), is a systems-based narrative to which the team can expand into. Not adding new story on top, but into the existing story—like a Civilization expansion adds depth to the existing game.

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