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Job Simulator is the first SteamVR game to be announced


Deep space? The far future? The serene beauty of an abstract world? No, the first SteamVR game to be announced will be none of these things. It's a job simulator. It's called Job Simulator.

Okay, to be fair, it is set in the future. The premise of Owlchemy Labs' sim is that robots have taken over all the world's menial jobs. In order to learn about their ancestry, the humans of 2050 simulate the jobs of the past.

Essentially, then, Job Simulator is a job simulator simulator. Here it is in action:

Over at the r/Oculus subreddit, Owlchemy's Alex Schwartz has been offering his impressions of Valve (and HTC's) new hardware. "Comparing my Oculus Connect [Crescent Bay] experience to the Valve/HTC headset," Schwartz writes, "the Valve/HTC one is more advanced and more visually stunning."

As for compatibility, Job Simulator will also support Oculus Rift. "I'm not sure about the difficulty as we approach consumer launch but right now supporting SteamVR and Oculus should be totally doable," Schwartz writes. "I'd guess any company entering the consumer VR space would benefit from content creators who are able to play nicely with multiple VR platforms."

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