Where to find every treasure map in God of War

God of War treasure map - Kratos getting his big old axe ready.
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Looking for the treasure maps in God of War? There are 12 maps to find, along with the treasures to which they lead. The water level in the Lake of Nine can make some of these locations impossible to reach until later on, while others are significantly easier when the water is higher. All maps and treasures can be put off until later in the game—you can even grab them after you've finished the main story, so you can enjoy your playthrough without worrying about missing any.

Each treasure map contains a written clue and a crude picture of where you might find its indicated reward. And as the goodies are often nowhere near the map's location, the clues can be tricky to decipher. So without further ado, here's every God of War treasure map location and where to find the loot for each.

Dead and Bloated

God of War Dead and Bloated treasure map location 


Note: If you're planning on getting all the treasure maps, it's worth doing the Second Hand Soul side quest you get from Brok while you're here to save time later.

This treasure map is found deep within the Volunder Mines. You can find the entrance over on the east side of the Lake of Nine. The path is pretty linear here, so keep going until you reach a section where the cave opens out with a sunlit area to your right. 

Head through the sunlit area and use the chain at the end to drop down, ignoring the broken bridge to your left. The map is on the ground, next to the large wooden wheel. This map reads:

"The troll who killed my kin is slain, but the battle has taken its toll. I’ve buried whatever I have left near his corpse. Ingrid and I used to frequent this beach to watch the sun rise over the temple."


The treasure is located in the Cliffs of the Raven area. You can find the dock just to the south of the mine's entrance, on the southeast edge of the Lake of Nine. From the dock, work your way upwards until you reach a large open area with a dead troll lying in the middle. Use the chain to climb down and retrieve the treasure from the ground, next to its stomach.

The Boat Captain's Key

God of War The Boat Captain's Key treasure map location 


This map is located in the Stone Falls area, to the east of the Lake of Nine. Finding the map will depend on the current water level of the lake. If it's at the highest level, it's on the beach next to the boat dock. 

If the lake is lower, you'll need to climb to find the location. Make your way upwards, and you should soon find a climbable chain and a big iron gate at the top, straight ahead of you—open it. Then, once you've defeated the enemies here, take the doorway to the left. You'll find the treasure map inside. The map reads:

"With the Boat Captain in the belly of the Hydra, the key was mine! I travelled to a new land, but my ship wrecked and sunk along with my precious key. It lies just below the waves, perched on an underwater peak."


The treasure is found over to the west on the Isle of Death. Again, the lake's current level will determine whether you'll need to climb to reach it. If the Lake of Nine has been lowered, climb until you reach the point where Atreus mentions the 'torch'. The treasure is found on a body inside the wreckage of the ship here.

The Historian

God of War The Historian treasure map location 


This one's relatively easy to find, though the lake will need to be at its lowest level. Head to the Ruins of the Ancient boat dock to the northwest of the Light Elf Outpost and disembark here. Head through the stone gateway ahead to find the map on the beach. The map reads:

"I wished to make a contribution to Fafnir’s collection of relics. I arrived to find the door locked and Reavers blocking the way I came. I quickly buried my treasure and hid as fast as I could. If I manage to escape, I’ll return to this spot."


Note: It's worth doing the Fafnir's Hoard sidequest for Sindri while you're here. You'll need to complete it to access a couple of the treasures further down.

To find this treasure, head to Fafnir's Storeroom, over on the western side of the Lake of Nine. The entrance is easy to spot as you have to pass underneath several huge ribs. Once docked, follow the linear path until you reach a wooded area, then look for the entrance to the left of the waterfall. The treasure is buried just to the left of the circular door.

Don't Blink


You can find this one inside Fafnir's Storeroom, and the entrance to the area is located on the west side of the Lake of Nine. The path is linear, so follow it until you reach a wooded area. Pass through the waterfall at the far end, and you'll soon find a cavern with a circular platform in the centre. The map is on the ground to the left of the pedestal. It reads:

"My journey will be long and I can only carry the essentials. I leave my possessions under the watchful eyes of the face of stone until I return."


This treasure is located close to the Mountain, the region to the southeast of the Lake of Nine. The easiest way to get here is to dock your boat at Vanaheim Tower, head through the big doors at the top and make your way through to the foothills from there. Once you reach Sindri's shop, follow the path ahead past a red banner and look for a climbable wall around the corner. At the top, follow the path to the right of the poison area. Further on, head through the entrance to your left. Keep following the path through and head through the doors to continue.

You'll reach some narrow snowy stairs leading up to the mountain, so follow this across. Look for a place to climb on your left, almost opposite the rope zipline. Once you're at the top, head left a short way, and the treasure is on the ground, just to your left.

The Last Place They'd Look

God of War The Last Place They'd Look treasure map location 


Handily, this map is also in the mountains. It's likely one you'll pick up during your playthrough as one of the main story quests takes you straight to its location, and it's honestly hard to miss. If you haven't got the map after you return to the mountain for the second time during the story, your best bet is to use the Mythic Gateway to return here to retrieve it.

The map reads:

"The Valkyries will hunt me until my last breath. If they seek what is mine, I shall hide it right under their noses."


You can find this treasure at the Council of Valkyries, to the northeast of the Lake of Nine. Sail your boat to The Mason's Channel dock and climb up the wall immediately to your right. Follow the path and keep climbing, and you'll soon arrive at the Council of Valkyries.

Follow the path until you find a circular stone area with thrones around the outside. The treasure is buried on the left side as you enter.

The Turtle's Tribute

God of War The Turtle's Tribute treasure map location 


You can find this map inside the Witch's Cave, accessed from the south shore of the Lake of Nine. Sail through the long tunnel and ride the handily-placed elevator upwards. From there, head forward and drop down to the area with the blue light bridges. Cross the first bridge, turn left and climb up the wall directly ahead of you. The map is in this room, just to your right. The map reads:

"Where the leaves are red, and the moss is green, I buried my treasure where the Tortoise doth dream."


To find this treasure, retrace your steps back to the room with the elevator and take the opening immediately to the left (when facing it). There's a well straight ahead of you which you'll need to climb up. 

At the top, follow the path until you see a large tree. The treasure is hidden next to some rocks just in front of it.

Creation Island

God of War Creation Island treasure map location 


The Iron Cove area is found to the southwest of the Lake of Nine when the water is at its lowest level. As soon as you put ashore with your boat, walk up towards the cliff and you'll see it to the left of the opening ahead. This map reads:

"Why waste a life worshipping those who were created by another? I honour Buri, first among Gods and he from whom the Aesir sprang. I left him a tribute on the island that honours him."


Head across to the other side of the lake and land your boat at Buri's Storeroom, to the northeast. Head through the gate to your left and take care of the three enemies here—they can be pretty tough to deal with so be careful. Now head towards the back of the area and you'll find this treasure on the ground.

Hunter's Kingdom

God of War Hunter's Kingdom treasure map location 


This map is found in the Lookout Tower area to the southeast of the Lake of Nine. Pull your boat up here. If the lake hasn't been lowered, it's found on the shore here, to your right. If the water level is lower, use your axe to clear the climbable wall, then use it again to hit one of the panels to the right to retract the spikes.

Once you've climbed up here, use the axe again on the same panels to retract the spikes from the platform opposite and jump across. Climb up again, drop down using the chain, and the treasure map is on the ground in front of you. This map reads:

"Motsognir, ruler of man and beast. I came to his kingdom to learn if he had obtained the ingredients to forge the Armor of Legend. All I found was death and sorrow. I leave this offering in memory of those who suffered in the Dwarf King’s quest for glory."


This treasure is located just in front of the temple doors in Veithurgard. The Mythic Gateway is the fastest way to get here, or if you haven't unlocked the area, you'll need to open the large gate on the east side of the Lake of Nine using the mechanism at Stone Falls.

Once you've arrived, make your way up to the temple and you can find the treasure just to the left of the temple doors.

Island of Light

God of War Island of Light treasure map location 


Head to the Mason's Channel boat dock to the north of the Lake of Nine when the water is at its lowest. If you can see two boat docks, it's the one on the left. The map is on the beach, just to the left of where you land. The map reads:

"While we hail from Alfheim, the Light Elves make sure to watch over Midgard. I’ve spent most of my life here at this outpost and I will likely die here."


This one is found to the west of the map location at the Light Elf Outpost. If you haven't been here before, there are a few things you'll need to do to open the gate to reach the treasure. Pull up to the dock here and use Atreus to make a light bridge. Follow the path around to your right and you'll come out at a lake. The gate you need to open is to your right here.

Turn left and drop down. Immediately to your left is a breakable barricade. Open the gate inside here and take note of the blue crystal. Head back the way you came and follow the path to find another blue crystal. Have Atreus shoot this to form a light bridge above. Backtrack again to climb the wall to the right of the room with the movable crystal. At the top, interact with the chain to open the gate here.

Next, head back to the room with the crystal and pick it up. Walk up the first light bridge and through the gate you just opened. follow the path to the left across the second light bridge and head down the lower path when it splits. Place the crystal at the end and have Atreus shoot it to form a third light bridge above you. Cross over this bridge and follow the path until you reach a chain you can use to drop down at the end. This puts you on the other side of the gate from earlier and luckily, you can open it from this side. The treasure is on the ground to your right.

Finder's Fee

God of War Finder's Fee treasure map location 


The map is over on the northwest side of the Lake of Nine in the Forgotten Caverns. Use the boat dock here and head straight into the cave ahead of you, passing a Mythic Gateway inside. Head further into the cave and make your way to the left. The map is on the ground in front of a chest. The map reads:

"I've been working for Hraezla Farmaor a long time, but the pay is always short. With the camp split up between Vandrid and his old man, no one will notice me stashing a bit of the earnings on the side. My secret perch is the perfect hiding spot."


Note: The treasure that this map leads to isn't obtainable until you've completed the 'Fafnir's Hoard' sidequest from Sindri. 

You can find the treasure at Northri Stronghold. Head north from the Forgotten Caverns and enter Northri Gorge just to the right of the Ruins of the Ancient boat dock. Head along the narrow river until you reach a gate blocking the way and a dock on your right. Climb out and use Sindri's access stone on the mechanism to open the gate.

Hop back in the boat and continue down the river. When it splits further on, keep right and ignore the dock on your left. You'll soon come to a huge water wheel. Pass beneath it and find a dock on the far side. Follow the path up and around to the left, but don't jump the gap. Turn around and climb up the wall, just to your left. You'll find the treasure at the top.

Njord's Oarsmen

God of War Njord's Oarsmen treasure map location 


This map is found in the Northri Stronghold and, like the Finder's Fee treasure above, you need to complete the Fafnir's Hoard side quest to unlock the area. As you make your way further into the stronghold—the path is pretty linear here—you'll find a reaver ship. Once you've defeated the enemies, exit the ship on the opposite side. Turn around and you'll see a hole in the side of the boat where you can enter. The map is on the floor next to a body. It reads: 

"On my last voyage, my ship was ravaged by Thor’s thunder and storms. I had given up hope when the gentile wind of Njord parted the dark clouds and filled my sails. I have hidden my treasure up high where I can forever row with Njord’s Oarsmen."


This is found by the big statues on the northern edge of the Lake of Nine. Pull up your boat at The Mason's Channel dock on the west and climb up the wall straight ahead. Once you reach the shop, look for the climbable wall on your right. At the top of here, turn right and head into the cave. The other side will bring you out onto a ledge next to one of the statues. The treasure is buried close to the edge.

Kneel Before Thor!

God of War Kneel Before Thor! treasure map location 


Note: You need to complete Brok's sidequest, 'Second Hand Soul' to get the Entry Stone needed to access this area.

You can find this map in the Landsuther Mines. The entrance to this area is on the south side of the Lake of Nine, west of the Witch's Cave entrance. Follow the underground river until you reach the other side then dock your boat. Follow the path until you find Brok and he'll give you an Entry Stone when you speak to him.

Use the stone on the mechanism next to the door and continue on. When you reach a large room, take care of the enemies, then use the mechanism on the right to drop the huge rock. Climb up here and use Atreus to shoot the red crystal, then after defeating more enemies, make your way down into the lower levels of the mine through the hole in the floor. At the bottom, head straight to the back of the cave, but don't climb up—look to your left to find an elevator. The treasure is at the top of here, on the ground next to a chest.

The map reads:

"I’ve lived to serve the god of thunder and I bury my greatest treasure right where all inhabitants of Midgard should dwell: at the feed of the God of gods."


You can find this treasure at the Lookout Tower, on the southeastern edge of the Lake of Nine. You visited this area to grab the Hunter's Kingdom treasure map so it should be familiar. You need to make your way up the cliff, retracting the spikes when required, until you reach the spot where you have a chain to drop down on your left—where the Hunter's Kingdom map was—or continue up the cliff to your right. Climb here and use the zipline at the top, then deal with the enemies when you land. The treasure is on the ground, to the right of the red doors.

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