Extended Giveaway: Win one of 1256 Crasher beta keys


Crasher puts you behind the wheel of a powerful death racer and throws you into huge online arenas to to battle with your friends. Every vehicle can be outfitted with a host of unlockable weapons and upgrades, so you can tailor your machine to fight just the way you want.

We got an overwhelming response earlier this week when we gave away 250 codes. So we asked nicely and got an extra 1000 from the nice people at Punchers Impact, especially for you.

Read on for your chance to win.

The game pits teams of 5 against each other across two different game modes, Territory Control and some good old fashioned team deathmatch in Crasher Battle Arena. The arcade handling means the focus is on carefully configuring the best loadout, and good teamwork on the battlefield. Crasher is lining up to be a competitive eSport, and has already joined the ESL. For more information, check out the Crasher Facebook page .

We've got 1256 keys to give away in total. You'll need a Steam account to enter. To do so just click here and fill in your details. The first 1256 visitors will get a Crashers beta Steam code. Enter this code into the 'Activate a product on Steam' section of your Steam account and you're away.

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