While everyone else is getting re-acquainted with Fallout, this maniac's bolting hundreds of mods together to turn Fallout 4 into Resident Evil 5

Fallout 4 but it's Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5 walking around.
(Image credit: Bethesda / Quin)

Fallout's tagline may be "war never changes", but don't tell that to hero modder Quin. War has changed an awful lot in their Fallout world, which is now populated by zombies, dogs, and lickers, as well as being patrolled by the hunkiest version of Chris Redfield and a permanently irate Sheva Alomar. This is Fallout 4, except it's Resident Evil 5.

Quin's dedication to Fallout 4 is obvious from their YouTube channel, which has a boatload of videos showcasing various of the game's mods, but the overall theme is definitely Resident Evil. The modder has produced videos showcasing Fallout 4 modded to resemble various entries in the series, including things like the Tyrant and R.P.D. building from Resident Evil 2, and "Fallout 4 but it's Resident Evil 4 Remake."

For whatever reason it's the Resident Evil 5 overhaul that really grabbed my attention, partly because I can never get over Chris's character design (those arms!) but mainly because that entry's aesthetic and more action-heavy approach seems to map quite naturally onto the Wasteland. It captures Resi 5's sun-baked atmosphere and hostility, while the superb soundtrack feels made for the post-apocalypse.

It's the level of detail with things like the UI, the accurate weaponry, and the imported sound effects that really elevate this beyond something that just plonks Chris into a new setting. There are so many mods involved it's hard to single out the really important ones, but whatever Quin's been using to alter these environments has created a beautiful fusion of styles that meshes without ever quite being fully Fallout 4 or Resident Evil 5.

Quin's put-together a gdoc listing all the mods they've used to transform Fallout 4 into the various Resident Evil games, and it's clearly been a Herculean task. The doc is 16 pages long and, though I may have miscounted, I think there are 249 mods listed. There's so many I'm surprised they're all playing nice with each other, and I'm sure Quin's had their struggles, but the cumulative effect is so mind-blowing you have to say it was worth the effort.

Either way it's amusing that, while the rest of the world is going ga-ga for the new Fallout series, and fans are rushing back to the games in their droves, one committed soul is doing everything they can to make it into another series entirely. So far Quin's posted two videos showcasing their work re-creating Resident Evil 5: the next step, surely, is Chris punching some boulders and Wesker air-dashing around the Wastelander.

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