Here's what time the Darktide closed beta starts

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
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The Darktide closed beta is fast approaching, giving selected players a whole weekend to head into Hive Tertium and try to survive the horrors and heretics that await there. Seeing as Darktide was delayed by a month or so, it's a great chance to try out a more stripped down version of the game before grabbing it on release. That said, it is pretty great.

The closed beta test is only for players who signed up and were selected, but since the test allows players to stream, the silver lining is that even if you weren't chosen, you can still see all of the content that the beta has to offer. Here I'll explain what time the Darktide closed beta kicks off.

What time does the Darktide closed beta begin?  

If you've been selected to take part in the beta, you can download the game as soon as you get your code and email, but you won't actually be able to play it until October 14. Here's when the closed beta goes live: 

  • UK: 12 pm BST
  • Europe: 1 pm CEST
  • US West Coast: 4 am PST
  • US East Coast: 7 am EST
  • Japan: 8 pm JST
  • Australia: 10 pm AEDT
  • New Zealand: 12 am NZDT (14 October)

There are no region restrictions for the beta, so even if yours isn't listed here, it should launch at the same time. The beta will run from October 14 - 16.

Since this isn't a complete version of Darktide, beta progress won't carry over to the final launch on November 30, but it will still include all four archetypes and classes that will be playable on release. The Veteran, the Zealot, the Ogryn, and the Psyker will all be playable, with both male and female customizable characters, except for the Ogryn, who's just male. 

There will be four missions to try out in Hive Tertium as well as a fixed selection of weapons on offer. For any more details, it's well worth checking out the Darktide beta FAQ.

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