Watch out: wearing this Warzone accessory could get you killed

cod warzone watch glitch
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A new Call of Duty: Warzone bug is turning one of the coolest perks of the Season 6 battle pass into a total nightmare. Wearers of the Strange Magic and Time of the Season watches be warned: with the timepiece flipped on, enemies can see you through walls.

At least, the little light the watch gives off can be seen. That much is clear by watching the helpful clip below by streamer Khurlauss, who showcased the strange bug by easily pre-firing a gulag opponent as if they were using wallhacks. Take a look at the orange watch light that Khurlauss is inspecting early on and look for it again once the gulag match begins. It's small and hard to see in the video, but I imagine it's much clearer in-game.

PSA: Don't wear these watches because they are visible through walls (Strange Magic, Time of the Season) from r/CODWarzone

The minor glow would be hard to spot through a sniper scope, but in close-quarters situations, the watch is constantly broadcasting your whereabouts. So far, only the Strange Magic watch and its orange variant are affected by the bug. Every other watch is safe to use.

On the bright side, there's a simple fix: turning the watch off by toggling the "Inspect Watch" gesture seems to disable the glow that's visible through walls, too. It's a shame that the reward for reaching a whopping level 93 on the battle pass is more detriment than bonus at the moment. Judging by a few other posts on the Warzone subreddit that went mostly unnoticed, the bug has been around for at least a few weeks now. Hopefully, Infinity Ward has taken notice and this won't be a particularly hard one to squash.

This isn't the only Warzone glitch you should be looking out for. Last week, players noticed that the game-breaking infinite stim glitch was back in the game.

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