Chainsaw Man X Goddess of Victory: Nikke is now live on PC

Goddess of Victory: Nikke x Chainsaw Man Hero
(Image credit: Level Infinite)

To call Goddess of Victory: Nikke a smash hit would be putting it lightly. Since its November 2022 launch, the game has already surpassed 25 million global downloads on Android and iOS.  To celebrate this milestone, publisher Level Infinite announced that the Nikke would be coming to PC — and that shortly after launch, it would also introduce some familiar faces  from the immensely popular Chainsaw Man

Set in a grim world where human fears become tangible entities known as devils, Chainsaw Man centers on the luckless Denji, a teenager saddled with a paternal debt to the Yakuza. Denji's life takes a turn for the better when he crosses paths with the legendary chainsaw devil Pochita and becomes the titular human/devil hybrid Chainsaw Man. Denji will join forces with secondary protagonist Aki Hayakawa To guide players through an all-new story which adds several new playable characters. 

Goddess of Victory: Nikke PC Launch

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Titled BULLET X CHAINSAW, the limited event started on February 22 and will run until March 14, 2023. 

For the uninitiated, Goddess of Victory: Nikke is an immersive third-person RPG shooter that puts players in the shoes of an individual known only as The Commander. Having graduated from Military Academy one day prior to an apocalyptic attack by a species of powerful extraterrestrial machines known as Raptures, The Commander joins the rest of humanity in an underground metropolis known as the Ark. There, he's put in charge of a specialist squad called Counters, composed entirely of humanoid weapons known as Nikkes.

Under the Commander's leadership, Counters must fight to take back the overworld from Raptures, all while keeping one eye on the Ark's corrupt leadership. 


(Image credit: Level Infinite)

Goddess of Victory: Nikke primarily takes the form of a third-person shooter augmented by RPG elements with a simple, intuitive, one-handed control scheme. The title's immersive and dynamic gameplay is further complemented by its iconic art style, courtesy of Shift Up's Kim Hyung Tae, who also illustrated and designed Stellar Blade. Beyond action-packed shootouts, Nikke offers several other gameplay elements for players to explore, including puzzles, co-op, base-building, and even a roguelike mode. 

Nikkes are very much the central focus. Each Nikke has her own unique design and firearm, equipped with two normal skills and one powerful Burst Skill. Nikkes also possess an elemental specialization that determines strengths and weaknesses in combat, during which players command a team of up to five Nikkes, swapping between them as the situation demands. 

Battles aren't just about shooting and taking cover from enemy fire. Players will need to be cognizant of elemental strengths and weaknesses when building their teams and swapping between Nikkes. Each Nikke also has her own unique combat specialty, adding a further layer of strategy. 

Goddess of Victory: Nikke art style

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In addition to a new limited event, the Chainsaw Man crossover adds several new limited-time recruits, detailed below. 

SSR Makima 

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Makima

(Image credit: Level Infinite)

A new Defender-class Nikke, Makima wields an SMG, UNknown Weapon. Her unique trait, Indomitability, renders her completely invulnerable to death for the duration. If she receives lethal damage while the trait is active, she'll survive at her minimum HP, though she is still vulnerable when the trait's duration expires. 

SSR Power 

Chainsaw Man x Nikke Power

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A new Attacker-type, Power wields an RL which arms her with various supplemental effects, including a stackable attack buff known as Blood Fiend. When she reaches full stacks, Power can reload her weapon, gaining an increase to both explosion radius and skill damage. Her burst skill also allows her to deal massive damage to a single target.  

SSR Himeno 

Chainsaw Man x Nikke Himeno

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The last of the new recruits, Himeno is a Supporter-type built to provide backup to any snipers on her team. Her burst skill allows her to increase both the charge damage and critical rate of a single ally, while her fully charged attacks allow her to decrease enemy defense. 

You can download Goddess of Victory: Nikke for PC via its official website or on mobile through either the Google Play or Apple App store. For more information and to stay ahead of future updates, you can also follow the game's development on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Discord.