Black Ops dev regrets Second Chance perk

David Vonderhaar's Twitter avatar

We didn't like Black Ops as much as Modern Warfare 3 but didn't hate it either, awarding Treyarch's game with a solid 64% Not that it mattered though. Black Ops sold more copies in its first week than the superior Modern Warfare 3 , which we liked a whole 15% more. Graham even described Infinity Ward's game as "fun."

David Vonderhaar, game design director at Treyarch has admitted that he regrets some of Black Ops features. In particular, he doesn't like the Second Chance Perk that let's downed players pull out a pistol and take a few pot shots before respawning. A more advanced version of the perk even let friendlies revive each other. It looked cool but broke the game for competitive play.

Last night, Sticktwiddlers spotted this tweet from Vonderhaar: "See that gun to my head in my pic? That's how I feel about 2nd Chance. We meant well. I fucked up. Enough spam. Goodnight. really hate that perk.

The game designer also apologised to his community for a challenge that required you to cap flags before unlocking certain items, tweeting : "By the way, I'm really sorry about that challenge to cap flags for Pro perks. That was another bad idea. Long story. Filled with regret."

Unbridled honesty on Twitter seems to be a trend among Call of Duty developers. Yesterday we reported on Glen Schofield's attempt to boost metacritic user ratings because he wasn't happy with Modern Warfare 3's score.

I didn't play enough competitive Black Ops to get angry at the Second Chance perk, but I can imagine it was extremely annoying for the prestige dudes. Have you ever smashed up your keyboard as a result of a COD perk? Vent in the comments thread.