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Star Citizen Squadron 42 footage and Star Map video

Squadron 42

CitizenCon is on at the moment, and a load of new footage is spilling out of the event. We've already seen the cast list that will soon bring Squadron 42—Star Citizen's single-player component—to life, and I don't think any of us were expecting yer Gillian actual Anderson to be involved. Now, some shakycam footage of Squadron 42 is available for us to gander at—see some people walking around a space station in the video above.

Those animations aren't final, but they do look pretty good so far, if a bit creepy in the uncanny valley sense. No, it's not a particularly eventful video, but here's one from the persistent universe that's a bit more exciting.

There are a bunch more videos collated on this handy Reddit thread, but I'll leave you with one illustrating the Star Map, an interactive browser thing that lets you explore Star Citizen's universe (spoiler: it's our universe too) from the comfort of your PC.