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Fable Fortune will launch into Early Access in July

Fable Fortune, in case you missed Andy's story earlier this month, is a CCG set in the Fable universe. It's not a Microsoft game per se – the company has simply licensed the brand out to Flaming Fowl, which features talent previously employed at the new defunct Lionhead Studios. Back then, a loose 2017 release window was offered, but now we know it'll get an early access build on July 11.

While the game didn't meet its Kickstarter target when the campaign launched last month, the title will still go ahead, and a closed beta period will commence shortly, which you can register interest for here

A full version of the game will still launch at some point this year, and it'll be free-to-play. But if you want in on the closed beta, guaranteed access can be had by purchasing the Founder's Pack, which offers an array of benefits in-game as well. The full details are over here, and a new trailer is embedded below.

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