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Batman: Arkham City Challenge pack to include Batcave, Joker's Carnival and Iceberg Lounge

Batcave Batmobile

Batman: Arkham City will be getting some new DLC in the coming weeks. Gametrailers revealed the new challenge map yesterday. Goons have invaded his lair, and Batman must wipe them out very quietly, because even Batman needs practice.

It's worth mentioning again that it is set in THE BATCAVE. You'll be able to check out the Batmobile, the Batwing, and the animatronic T-Rex that Batman keeps there because he's Batman and nobody's going to stop him. The pack will also bundle in the Joker's Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge challenge maps and will land on December 20.

No price has been announced yet but the Robin and Nightwing packs are out now on Games For Windows Live for £4.75 apiece. How much would you pay for the Batcave? Come to think of it, how much would you pay for a life sized animatronic T-Rex?

Tom Senior
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