And in other PC gaming news...

Duke Nukem Forever - Duke poses

With the release of the Hitman teaser trailer , the temptation to spin round and round in my chair screaming "HITMAAAN!" is strong. But I've restrained myself for a few moments at least to polish up our latest list of everything that's been happening in PC gaming today.

Before you dive in, you might be interested in news of a Rift free trial , or Steam pre-orders for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Duke Nukem Forever . Speaking of Duke Nukem Forever. We've played it in multiplayer. Here's what we think .

Right, time to set Hitman: Blood Money installing. Before I go, I'll just leave this list of today's PC gaming happenings right here. Have a glance for more info on Mass Effect 3, Call of Duty 3 and Tomb Raider.

  • RPS have found a trailer for upcoming zombie game, Dead Block .

  • More snippets from last night's Activision earnings call . Call of Duty 3 said to have an "unprecedented online universe."

  • Via Reddit , here's a million dollar PC called " the Murderbox ." It's so awesome it's posing on top of a skyscraper.

  • Spoiler alert! A leaked sample of a Tomb Raider voice acting audition script reveals more about the new Lara.

  • Even more spoilers ahoy! More Mass Effect 3 details have emerged from the latest issue of OXM.

  • A federally supported US institution has officially recognised games as art .

  • Age of Empires Online is set to be released in Autumn .

Today in the PC gamer office, Craig has been playing a little bit of Brink. We'll be bringing you our thoughts on the game soon. Are you looking forward to it? Are you playing it already? What do you think?