An explosive new trailer for Soulstice is here and you can play the demo today

Soul-bound sisters Briar and Lute must fight to reach the Tear in the sky high atop the city of Ilden
(Image credit: Modus Games)

Soulstice is an exciting new fast-paced, dark fantasy action game that allows players to assume dual command of soul-bound sisters Briar and Lute as they face off against a range of vile and ravenous beings who have come pouring into their world from beyond the Veil. As Chimera, hybrid warriors born from the union of two souls, Briar and Lute are the only ones who can oppose the Spawn of Chaos and save the great Kingdom of Keidas.

Playing as Briar and Lute, two sisters bonded together as a Chimera, players will explore a dark world brimming with hidden mysteries while mastering a diverse combat system based on the strengths of the two sisters. As a result of the ritual that bound them together, Briar fights with superhuman strength and resilience while Lute battles as a shade, controlling the battlefield with mystical powers and otherworldly abilities.

Before the game launches in September, players can get a taste of the dark, mysterious world of Keidas with the new cinematic demo trailer that dropped today. See what kind of vile beings Briar and Lute are up against and discover the world they are fighting to save. 

After watching the trailer, be sure to download the PC demo and dive headfirst in the unique, intriguing, narrative-driven story. The demo gives players access to portions of Mission 2: “Echoes from the Past” and Mission 5: “Death from Above” as they carry out their orders from the mysterious Order of the Ashen Blade. 

Deploy Lute’s blue Evocation field to expose the ethereal beings known as Wraiths

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Instructed by the Order to investigate a massive Tear in the sky above the city of Ilden, Briar and Lute find themselves shocked and horrified by the disaster that has befallen this once thriving and sacred city. Leaving the ravaged Docks behind them, the two make their way up to the top of the Ildenmere Bridge.

A long-stretching architectural marvel, the Ildenmere Bridge provides direct access to High Town, while casting a shadow of pride and forgetfulness over the Docks District and Low Town far below. 

After successfully making their way up and over the Bridge they will square off against a formidable opponent who won’t hesitate to get straight to the “point,” so prepare for one hell of a fight.

Soulstice is filled with gorgeous cinematics and spectacular boss battles

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The demo is the perfect chance to get familiar with the controls and the unique, dynamic combat system to learn how the sisters work in unison to build Unity which can be tapped into to unlock their full potential as a Chimera. Player success requires clever use of primary and secondary weapons as each weapon deals bonus damage to certain enemy types and adds to the player’s overall battle results. 

Other things like combos of primary and secondary weapon attacks also build Unity and players will also need to pay attention to an enemy’s Poise which keeps them from being launched into the air with powerful attacks. 

Use Lute's red Banishment Field to lower the seemingly impenetrable defenses of Possessed, and then go in for the kill

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PC demo available on Steam. Download it today and get a taste of what this stylish dark fantasy tale of sisterly love and sacrifice has to offer ahead of its full launch on September 20.