8 Reasons Batman: Arkham Knight Is Worth Playing On NVIDIA SHIELD TV

If you were to rank all of the works starring the iconic superhero Batman, the Arkham series by Rocksteady would be deserving of a place near the top of the list. And now, SHIELD TV gamers can add the fourth installment, Batman: Arkham Knight, to their collection as a premium game on GeForce NOW

Available for just $7.99, Arkham Knight offers you another opportunity to take on the mantle of the Batman and bring justice to the streets of Gotham. You’ll also get an additional digital key to download the game on PC when you buy it on GeForce NOW at no extra cost. 

Powered by NVIDIA Pascal GPUs running in the cloud, Batman: Arkham Knight’s performance and visual quality is also superb on SHIELD. Below, we’ll list seven reasons why every gamer should give the game a try. Read on and be prepared, because it’ll take a superhero-sized effort to resist this incredible title. 

The Batman

Of course the first item on our list would be the caped crusader himself. Batman is one of the most complex and interesting fictional characters ever created, and Rocksteady does a great job of capturing his personality in Batman: Arkham Knight. He’s brooding, mysterious, and stoic, and he approaches his missions with a grim resolve that’s perfectly in line with his relentless pursuit of justice. He’s also voiced by the wonderful actor Kevin Conroy, who has provided the voice of Batman across several different properties. His flawless performance coupled with the incredible visual design and animations really bring Batman to life. The game’s missions and character progression system also take full advantage of the Batman mythos, giving you a plenty of opportunities to explore different aspects of the character. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming the Dark Knight, Batman: Arkham Knight is a great way to get the full superhero experience. 

The Graphics

If you’re a fan of games that feature cutting edge visuals, you’ll definitely want to add the Arkham games to your collection. Batman: Arkham Knight and the three games that came before it all offer gorgeous graphics that bring the world of Batman to life in a new and exciting way. Everything from the character models to the environments to the menus are bursting with detail and polish, and the look of the game captures the dark mood and atmosphere of Batman’s world. Pascal GPUs running in the cloud allow GeForce NOW members to unlock the full potential of the game’s Unreal Engine powered visuals, so you can enjoy Batman: Arkham Knight in its full glory. 

The Gadgets

Batman’s greatest assets are his resolve, his intellect, and his strength, but the world’s greatest detective also owns an inventory of tools that augment his natural talents. His collection of advanced gadgets is especially impressive in Batman: Arkham Knight: it consists of trusty standbys like the Batarang and Batclaw and newer gadgets like the Voice Synthesizer and Freeze Blast. Each item serves multiple uses: the Batarang, for instance, can be used to subdue foes and hit faraway switches. Batman can also invest points to upgrade his gadgets, adding new abilities and functions. For instance, the Disruptor, which lets Batman remotely disable enemy weapons, can be upgraded so that it can scramble a wider variety of items including sentry guns and drones.

The Batmobile

We could have included this under the gadgets section, but in Batman: Arkham Knight, the Batmobile deserves its own section. That’s because the iconic vehicle plays a huge role in the game. While Batman has the ability to literally soar through the world at high speed, there are times during the game when you’ll want to hop into the cockpit of the Batmobile and cruise the streets in style. You’ll engage in high speed chases, use the Batmobile’s offensive capabilities to displace enemy fortifications, and freeze criminals in the glare of your headlights. Batman can also call the Batmobile to his side whenever he wants, so there are plenty of opportunities for show stopping stunts. You can also unlock cool skins to give your Batmobile some flair. 

The World

One of the highlights of the Arkham games have been the incredible environments that you got to explore. For instance, the first title, Batman: Arkham Asylum, took place on the grounds of the fabled institution where the villains of Batman’s world were taken. In Batman: Arkham Knight, the entire city of Gotham acts as your playground. You can climb up to the highest spire and get a sweeping view of the city; you can also get in your Batmobile and get a ground floor view of the gritty streets. There are also wide open areas and small cramped corridors as well as notable landmarks that draw your eye and cleverly hidden secrets that will take some detective work to unearth. Rocksteady has always put a lot of effort into building out its world, and the one featured in Arkham Knight is quite possibly their best work yet. 

The Villains

Batman is clearly the star of the show, but he’s always been surrounded by incredible characters who each add something to the story. While Batman: Arkham Knight features memorable allies like Commissioner Gordon, Barbara “Oracle” Gordon, Alfred, and Robin, it’s the villains who really stand out. Whether it’s an iconic character like the Joker or Scarecrow or a lesser known baddie like Professor Pyg or Deacon Blackfire, each offers a memorable encounter that leaves an impression. It also highlights the quality work that previous creators who have helped build the Batman universe into such an interesting property as well as the talent of the Rocksteady development team. 

The Voice Acting

One key reason why every character in Batman: Arkham Knight is so memorable has to do with the incredible voice acting work that is in the game. Every Arkham title has featured a talented cast and Batman: Arkham Knight is no different. The cast list reads like a who’s who of video game voice acting, featuring names like, Mark Hamill (the Joker), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn), Nolan North (the Penguin) and Troy Baker (Two-Face and Arkham Knight). Even the minor characters feature voice work that really makes them feel alive. When you combine the quality audio work with the game’s incredible graphics and stellar animations, the result is a movie-like experience that will fully draw you in.

The Story

We end with the Batman: Arkham Knight’s story. The game centers on the Scarecrow’s attempts to destroy Gotham City by unleashing his fear toxin throughout the city limits. As Batman works to undo his plan, he must also contend with the nefarious plots of other villains such as the Penguin and Two-Face. A mysterious figure who calls himself the Arkham Knight also appears and provides Batman with haunting glimpse into his own past. As you can see, the story is wonderfully complex and nuanced, and it’s perfectly woven into the gameplay. Batman’s quests and missions all tie into the narrative, so nothing you do feels like busywork or filler. Rocksteady also worked to ensure that you use the full breadth of Batman’s skills throughout: tackling the many dangers brought up in the story requires Batman to use his brains and his brawns equally. It all makes for a satisfying experience that builds to an incredible conclusion.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available to purchase for unlimited streaming on SHIELD TV via GeForce NOW for a sale price of $7.99 (60% off its regular full price of $19.99). A membership to GeForce NOW is $7.99 a month with the first month free to try out. 

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